Structures Unlimited, Inc.
Pre-Engineered Canopies, Awnings and Walkways
The possibilities are endless when it comes to executing imaginative canopy designs that can form a signature accent to any building.

Pre-engineered structures are ideal for linking buildings or providing weather protection. Structures Unlimited, Inc. is your single-source supplier for lightweight, low-maintenance structures. Diffuse, natural daylight can fill any area with glare-free, shadowless illumination.

Kalwall® translucent sandwich panels are secured to the superstructure to form a durable, rigid, long-lasting structure, which delivers balanced, glare-free daylighting. The unique, horizontal overlap eliminates leaks that plague other systems. Snow guards, gutter systems and downspouts are available.

The structural integrity of Structures Unlimited, Inc. canopies, awnings and walkways is ideal in any climate ... stands up to desert sands, hurricane-force winds and arctic cold like no other material or system can.

Unlike glass, natural rainfall actually keeps the panels clean and free of unsightly dirt and debris. The system's superior structural integrity stands up to hurricane-force winds, high snow loads and the most demanding code requirements. The Structures Unlimited, Inc., single-source responsibility saves time and site coordination.

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