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Architects and designers, whether building their own home or custom residences for clients, often include swimming pools for year-round use. The results of incorporating Structures Unlimited, Inc. can be dazzling…

Translucent Skylights and Pool Enclosures

Particularily difficult code to meet? We have solutions...

Translucent Skylights and Pool Enclosures

Condensation-resistant structures and enclosures!

Translucent Skylights and Pool Enclosures
Translucent Skylights and Pool Enclosures

The design of the enclosure may be totally different from the residence or it can carry a similar building theme. The simplest enclosure is one with:
bullet aluminum structural system
bullet translucent insulated roof system
bullet sliding glass doors
bullet fixed, glass wall areas

This may not fit the needs of all clients, so conventional wall systems can be used which are similar to the house exterior. Sliding glass doors can be used on the patio side of the enclosure to provide access to an outside sun deck area. Roof configuration and slopes are usually determined by the existing residential construction. The pool area then becomes a continuation of the house. Accommodations must be made for the pool's mechanical equipment as well as the heating system for the enclosure. As the enclosure is a structural entity, the heating ducts can be hung from the structure. Electrical fixtures and wiring can be fastened and concealed within the box beams. Exhaust fans and louvers can be added to provide ventilation. Passive ventilation can be achieved through the inclusion of our operable roof system.

Translucent Skylights and Pool Enclosures

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