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Schools & Colleges
Learning.... under the light of day!
Universities, schools and colleges across America have learned about the power of natural daylight in how students learn, play and compete…thanks to Structures Unlimited, Inc.

Translucent Skylights

Structures Unlimited, Inc. systems can be found in the swimming pools and natatoriums, gyms, libraries, museums, classrooms, hallways and entryways of America's most prestigious universities, small community colleges and elementary schools.

Translucent Sklights

Studies have shown that students at schools with a well-designed skylight tested 19-20% better than those at schools without a skylight. Schools with skylights also experience less absenteeism. Skylights provide improved illumination and superior light quality, including:
bullet Better distribution of light
bullet Better color rendition
bullet Absence of flicker

Translucent Skylights
Swimming Pool Skylight

Not all skylights and building materials can stand up to the high concentrations of chemically laden, moisture-filled air with destructive corrosive properties present in swimming pool areas. Structures Unlimited, Inc. enclosure systems are an ideal combination of materials and technologies for pool environments. Every system delivers a level of maintenance-free performance, energy efficiency and structural integrity that cannot be beaten.

Swimming Pool Skylight

Translucent Skylight

Daylight Modeling, a revolutionary daylight engineering service, now available

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