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A New Dimension in Daylighting and Thermal Performance...
R-4 to R-46 (U=.23 to U=.02)*

Introducing a new generation of aluminum-framed building systems allowing architects to custom-tune the energy performance of any Structures Unlimited building or Clearspan Skyroof®. Combinations of proprietary, high-performance translucent panels and low-cost traditional panels lower overall cost, yet dramatically increase insulation... without sacrificing usable daylight.
These advanced systems now provide a unique, new ability to meet the complex and demanding energy-code requirements font of today’s total building envelope, while fulfilling the need to manage usable daylight.

Structures Unlimited now blends engineered, structural aluminum, capable of clearspans over 100 feet, with any combination of:

• Kalwall®      R-4 to R-10 (Translucent structural sandwich panels)
• Kalwall+      R-20 (The revolutionary Lumira aerogel insulation panels)
• Kal-Metal   R-19 to R-46 (The all-new, opaque, insulated metal panels)

Sheraton Four Points, Manchester, New Hampshire
The Thermal Performance Advantage

Various combinations of translucent panels, integrated with opaque, insulated metal panels, now provide an even greater array of energy performance options. This provides for balancing desired daylighting with the required energy performance of the entire building at an affordable price.

Imagine a translucent Skyroof with an overall value as low as R-30 (U=.035)

Sheraton Four Points has the above combination, yielding overall U=.20 (R-5)

*NFRC Certified system values not represented as they will be site-built specific.

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