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Water Treatment Structures
The ideal solution for corrosive, wet-space environments!
Every Structures Unlimited enclosure is a custom-tailored building built from standard components designed to meet the individual needs of every project. This is reflected in the various methods in which our structures can be designed… such as shed, hip and circular configurations.

Translucent Water Treatment Structures

bullet All materials used in our enclosure are impervious to moisture and corrosive atmospheres, requiring virtually no maintenance
bullet Openable walls tilt up/out
bullet All components are factory pre-finished and can be erected at any time during the year, regardless of the weather conditions or climate
bullet Shipped to the site in our own trucks and installed by one of our factory crews
bullet Installation is rapid and complete within a few days after the foundation is ready

Water Treatment Structures

A few additional benefits…
bullet FM approved explosion venting
bullet A highly insulated, energy-efficient structure prevents potential freeze-up of processes
bullet Light transmitting to take advantage of solar gain during daylight hours

Translucent Structures
Translucent Water Treatment Structures

The advantages of our technology and expertise are numerous, but here is a brief overview…

bullet Highly competitive with other wet-space environment, insulated building systems
bullet Pre-engineered, prefabricated and pre-finished, they are erected faster than other building systems and can be used immediately
bullet Both the inside and outside surfaces are ultra-smooth to resist dirt, dust and bacteria build-up - can be steam cleaned

Water Treatment Structures

From the largest municipal waste water treatment facilities, such as the renowned new Deer Island facility in Boston, to the smallest community projects… Structures Unlimited, Inc. can be a key component or an entire structure.

Water Treatment Structures

Varied shapes available to cover all processes…
bullet Rectangular or square
bullet Circular covers or entire buildings
bullet Center ridge, off-set ridge, shed type and wider-than-long buildings
bullet Roll up doors, man doors and garage doors are available
bullet Unique motorized opening roof system:
  - dispels excess heat
- fully screened

- allows equipment to be easily removed
bullet Louvers and fans to meet ventilation requirements
bullet Special hatchways
bullet Tilt-up sidewalls for easy access
bullet Removable skylights provide easy equipment removal and replacement.

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