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Zoos / Aquariums
Plants, animals and people thrive under the natural daylight of Structures Unlimited!
The world's largest indoor tropical rain forest was made possible, in part, by Structures Unlimited, Inc. Large Clearspan Skyroofs® and entire structures create a natural world of life naturing daylight.

Translucent Skylight

We provide the required square footage of U.V. - vitamin D transmitting panels required by various animal species in captivity to ensure their continued health and well being ... while controlling heat loss and excessive heat gain.

Translucent Skylight

Translucent Skylight
Translucent Skylight

Highly insulated Kalwall® translucent panels and aluminum box beams, capable of spanning areas over 100', create an ideal atmosphere for zoos and aquariums. Structures Unlimited, Inc. systems are part of many of the world's most famous zoos, exhibits and aquariums.

The diffuse, glare-free, natural daylight transmitted by Structures Unlimited, Inc. is said to create an atmosphere very similar to the jungle floor where the foliage of tropical rain forest timber filter and diffuse sunlight.

In aquarium applications, the glare of sunshine reflecting off the water's surface is eliminated by the diffuse-light properties of Kalwall

Contact us regarding Daylight Modeling, a revolutionary daylight engineering service, now available.

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