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Suffering from long lead times? Try a turnkey construction solution.

Posted by Structures Unlimited Inc. in Blog on 07/07/2022

The construction industry is reeling from supply chain challenges—with no end in sight. The result is long lead times and project managers scrambling to get the materials needed. Often, when one material is finally sourced, another is suddenly short.

What’s behind the issue? When the supply chain briefly shut down during the pandemic, demand increased tenfold. Add to that the fact that contractors are now placing “ghost orders”—in other words, putting out multiple bids for one product—and we’re in for an even more complicated system that requires more policing so suppliers aren’t left with unfulfilled orders down the line.

Sure, you could start your project earlier (read: almost a year earlier than necessary). But what if there was a simpler alternative? Although there is no magic solution to make materials appear, there is an option that can take the pressure off you and your team: a single-source, turnkey construction partner.

What is a turnkey solution?

Given lead times for certain materials, including structural steel, roofing and roofing insulation, and aluminum windows and window curtain walls, has increased from weeks pre-pandemic to nearly half a year or more, a turnkey solution could be exactly what your next construction project needs.

A turnkey building solution is one delivered to you ready to use in your project. For example, a turnkey canopy system comes factory assembled from the curb up with the support structure and panels or cladding material so you don’t have to source and assemble these pieces separately.

“Out-of-the-box-ready” means you don’t have to bring in additional trades or worry about any finishing, which can assist with labor shortages as well as supply issues. Installation can be completed more quickly, so at the end of the day, you’re more likely to complete your project on time and on budget. That makes everyone happy.

What is the added benefit of a single-source partner?

A turnkey solution is great, but having a true partner is even better. No need to worry about engineering or installation or the nitty gritty details of project management. A single-source partner can provide total responsibility for their portion of a project.

And since Associated Builders and Contractors Chief Economist Anirban Basu says, “While many economists expect inflation to moderate over the course of 2022, as of now, there is effectively no relief in sight for the nation’s contractors,” now is as good a time as any to start building a relationship with a trusted partner.

Structures Unlimited even offers delegated design, meaning we are responsible for total system engineering and supply all engineering reactions. Our reactions provide the project engineer of record all the forces that come from the solution being provided. The project engineer of record uses them to design the curbs (skyroof) or footings (canopy, enclosure).

Single-source, turnkey solutions for any structure.

Structures Unlimited, Inc. provides single-source, turnkey structural solutions for daylighting, including canopies, skylights, skyroofs® and entire buildings. Brought on at the beginning of a project, Structures Unlimited can provide design-assist, helping ensure you meet IBC codes for structural design and solving any problems that may arise. Understand exactly how your project will come together with 3D simulation, including daylight modeling services.

Structures Unlimited will then manufacture with precision fabrication, using an extensive inventory of raw materials for some of the quickest lead times you may find in the industry. Installation is completed by Structures Unlimited’s factory-trained staff, and modular structures are delivered prefinished for quick and easy completion.

Let our single-source partnership take the stress off your hands with a custom turnkey solution. Find your local technical sales representative today to learn more.

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