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Structures Unlimited Revit® Family files are continually being developed, so we encourage you to visit this site often and contact us if you have any questions or require a Family not listed.

CAUTION: Not all BIM families are appropriate for use in all applications. Use of the specifications, details, families, and other information contained on the Structures Unlimited website is at the user’s sole risk and discretion. In order to ensure accuracy, expedite your project, and save you time and money, please contact Structures Unlimited so that we may assist you, even at a preliminary stage in your design.

Center Ridge Canopy
Center Ridge Enclosure
Center Ridge Skylight
Double Wing Canopy
Double Wing Single Slope Canopy
Free Standing Shed Canopy
Horizontal Panel Pyramid Skylight
Lean-To Shed Enclosure
Sawtooth Shed Skylight
Single Wing Canopy
Straight Rafter Circular Skylight
Unequal Double Wing Canopy
Unequal Double Wing Single Slop Canopy
Vertical Panel Pyramid Skylight