About Our Company

Born to Engineer

It’s imagination that fuels what we do at Structures Unlimited, but it’s our capabilities as engineers and our commitment to service that bring those possibilities to life. It’s been that way for over 50 years. We are a premier, single-source manufacturer, providing total responsibility from design through installation of our structural skylights, skyroofs®, canopies, pool enclosures and entire building structures. Our unique, pre-engineered box-beam system can span areas in excess of 100 feet while providing a clean, finished appearance that is low maintenance, energy efficient and highly corrosion resistant.

Our structural aluminum framing, combined with Kalwall® translucent sandwich panels, forms a rugged, total building system. It is ideal for sustainable and resilient projects and can withstand hurricane-force winds and massive snow loads. Our structures provide perfect daylighting and open up a world of design and engineering possibilities to our customers. Levy our decades of engineering expertise to create a dramatic daylighting experience. Engineering daylight…it’s what we do.

Our Mission

Illuminate a Better Way

It is our mission to provide superior single-source, energy-efficient daylighting solutions that create healthy, sustainable spaces. The Structures Unlimited team has always focused on solving the engineering and design problems no one else was able or willing to solve. We put innovative minds to work to create unique solutions, ultimately ensuring that the spaces where people live and work are safe, healthy and beautiful.

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Our Vision

Single-Source Responsibility

Building better daylighting solutions requires more than a high-quality product; it requires service that truly delivers.

By providing total responsibility not just for manufacturing, but for designing, engineering and installing our products, we are able to provide project efficiency and peace of mind. You get all the value of having a true partner serving as an integral part of your team.

We’re not only building better spaces for people, we’re delivering a better workflow for the AEC community.

Strategic Partners

Kalwall Corporation

Kalwall Corporation has been setting the industry standard for diffuse natural lighting systems since it was introduced globally at the 1958 World’s Fair in Brussels and again at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York. Much has changed since then, but the beauty, efficiency and ruggedness of Kalwall systems have not. Neither has Kalwall’s commitment to fine craftsmanship, custom work and continuing advances in technology. Kalwall is recognized for its innovations in daylighting designs that provide a more predictable, better quality of usable natural light with superior thermal properties and best-in-industry solar heat gain control. Kalwall is a key component in all projects by Structures Unlimited.

Keller Products has long been a leader in OEM polymers, plastic extrusion and PVC alternatives technology and composite wood solutions. Their plastics division is a leading supplier of complex extruded plastic profiles and green plastic design solutions, with in-house expertise and a commitment to innovation. Keller Products provides full service, from rapid prototyping to tooling design, for difficult extrusions for demanding markets, including automotive tier 2, aircraft and underwriter’s laboratory (UL) listed applications. Their wood division supplies custom molded composite furniture and enjoys an international reputation for Keller Shells—world renowned for sound quality and reliability in the high-end drum/music industry.

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