Clearspan™ Skyroofs

When you understand the huge impact healthy daylighting can have on human wellness, there’s no need to go small. Our skyroofs® offer unmatched options for monumental daylighting solutions. With Structures Unlimited, Inc., you can achieve spans in excess of 100 feet. This is perfect for creating impressive atriums and other common spaces, where people will want to congregate under the diffuse, glare-free light.

Our aluminum box-beam framing system clad with Kalwall translucent roof panels can be engineered to meet almost any design requirement, but our most popular clearspan skyroofs include: center ridge roofs | hip roofs | sawtooth shed roofs | segmented arches | segmented domes | pyramids & straight rafter circular skylights.

Our complimentary daylight modeling services help you tailor your daylighting design and optimize the best sandwich panel configuration for your project, whether new construction or a retrofit. Our services will verify light levels, predict sources of glare and document code compliance.

Technical Information

Vertical Panel Pyramid Skylight

Vertical Panel Pyramid Skylight .rfa

Horizontal Panel Pyramid Skylight

Horizontal Panel Pyramid Skylight .rfa

Straight Rafter Circular Skylight

Straight Rafter Circular Skylight .rfa

Sawtooth Shed Skylight

Sawtooth Shed Skylight .rfa

Hip Skylight

Hip Skylight .rfa

Center Ridge Skylight

Center Ridge Skylight .rfa

Shed Skylight

Shed Skylight .rfa

We’re here at every stage of your project. Structures Unlimited technical representatives are highly trained and ready to partner with you.

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