Removable Skylights

Including one or more skylights in your commercial building design is a great way to take advantage of natural light and all the benefits it offers. Designing a skylight to be removable provides even greater flexibility, allowing easy installation, addition or replacement of large components and equipment inside. When it’s time to install or upgrade equipment, it can be done with ease without opening the building up for an extended amount of time.

Structures Unlimited’s removable translucent skylights are highly insulated, energy efficient and custom designed for your building’s needs. Different sizes and shapes are available, from a few feet to a 20+’ pyramid or a ridge roof up to a 30’ span.

Let’s discuss custom options for your ideal, quick, on-and-off skylight.

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Technical Information


Section 086300—Removable Structural Skylight System Specification

Section 086300 - Removable Structural Skylight System Specification .doc

We’re here for every stage of your project. Structures Unlimited technical representatives are highly trained and equipped to be an integral part of your team.

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