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Odeon Theatre | Bournemouth, UK

Performance. Economy. Beauty. Kalwall’s museum-quality daylighting™ solutions are sought after by architects, contractors and owners because of those three qualities. In the case of the Odeon Theatre in Bournemouth, UK, it is aesthetic beauty first and foremost that makes a curtainwall of Kalwall translucent sandwich panels a key element of this prestige project.

Framed in a lantern-like glow of Kalwall curtainwall, the Odeon Theatre’s façade is the signature feature of Bh2, a sprawling cinema and leisure complex in the heart of the English seaside city. Over 3,000 square feet (1,000 sq. m) of Kalwall panels were used in this bold design, which has transformed the site of a former bus station.

The curtainwall flanks the theatre’s main signage, giving it the symbolic feel of two large screens that hint of the cinematic excitement inside. The Odeon features 10 screens, reclining seats and a play area for kids in front of select screens. The concession area looks like something dreamed up at the Willy Wonka Candy Company.

The translucent cladding encapsulates the building across all nine elevations and encloses the external fire escapes. At night, the cladding creates a warm, inviting and ethereal glow that serves as a beacon for visitors and mitigates any issues with light pollution to the surrounding residential and commercial buildings.

Just as achieving the right angles and light are important to cinematic quality, the proper daylighting of a building is critical for the comfort of its patrons. Kalwall provides that comfort by eliminating the stark contrasts of light and shade. Kalwall also offers complete line-of-sight protection, maintaining privacy for building occupants.

The system enhances simplicity by doing away with the need for blinds, curtains or solar control. Even on cloudy days, the interior is flooded with natural daylight, which means less artificial lighting and, because Kalwall is highly insulating, energy costs are reduced.

Carol Welch, Managing Director of Odeon UK and Ireland, calls the Odeon Theatre in Bournemouth, “our most innovative cinema in the UK,” and says she is excited about the amazing experiences such a cinema provides.

Thanks to the breathtaking Kalwall facade, that sense of amazement begins before a moviegoer even enters the theatre.

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Panel: 2.75˝ | 70 mm
Grid core: shoji
Exterior FRP: white
Interior FRP: white
System finish: clear anodized #215 R1
U-Value: .23 | 1.25 Wm2K
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient: 0.23
Visible Light Transmission: 15%

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