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As the premier single-source manufacturer of structural skylights, skyroofs®, canopies, pool enclosures and entire building enclosures, Structures Unlimited has the right daylighting solution. Our daylighting and structural capabilities combined with endless performance benefits mean there are plenty of reasons to consider us for your next project.

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Dunbar High SchoolYankee StadiumScarlet Pearl Casino ResortColumbus Regional Airport AuthorityNewtown Creek Wastewater Treatment PlantRiverstone Resort + SpaLa Joya Aquatic Center
Dunbar High School


Classrooms, Libraries, Gymnasiums...

Diffuse natural daylight creates an inspiring atmosphere for minds to grow and flourish. That’s what research continually shows, and it’s a reason why our translucent systems are the first choice for educational projects around the world. Our skyroofs are used to provide monumental daylighting at the heart of a school, creating calm, comfortable atrium spaces where students want to be. Canopy systems provide protection near entryways, or over a courtyard area, they can create more usable learning space. Structures Unlimited has also been involved with projects involving classrooms, libraries, gymnasiums and pools.

A study by the Heschong Mahone Group showed students in classrooms with the most daylighting progressed 20 percent faster on math tests and 26 percent faster on reading tests over a year period than those with the least daylighting.

Let us show you how our monumental skylights and clear span structures utilize Kalwall® translucent sandwich panels to enlighten your space. Our total composite system is pre-engineered, pre-fabricated and factory pre-finished for structural, energy-efficient and low maintenance performance.


Yankee Stadium


Sports Halls, Zoos, Community Centers...

From the Grand Hall at Yankee Stadium to the Big Cat Country exhibit at the Milwaukee Zoo, daylighting is used to create healthy public spaces for humans and animals alike. Biophilic design results in positive energy and connection to the outside world using natural daylight, which cannot be replicated by artificial light. Our aluminum structures also provide striking visuals and rugged protection from extreme weather with Kalwall® translucent sandwich panels. They are fire rated, hurricane and windborne-debris rated and are impact-resistant, providing safety and security to building occupants.


Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort


Restaurants, Hotels, Museums...

Creating welcoming environments is our specialty, and nowhere is that more important than in the hospitality and  cultural markets. From stunning hotel atriums that set the mood when visitors first arrive, to marquee canopies or porte cocheres, our translucent panels add a signature element to your entrance. In addition, backlighting can be used for dramatic effects that showcase your design and enhance wayfinding. Our operable skyroofs can help create a whole new experience, with unique indoor/outdoor spaces.



Banks, Car Dealerships, Malls...

There are many reasons why using diffuse natural daylight in a building is beneficial, but for commercial businesses, it impacts the bottom-line. It is proven that properly daylighting a building drives up sales. A series of studies conducted by The Heschong Mahone Group showed the positive effect of daylighting on offices and retail spaces. Sales figures for one retail chain were 40 percent higher in stores with skylights than stores without.

Our daylighting solutions have been used in banks, luxury car dealerships, malls, fitness centers, supermarket chains and other retail outlets to create ambience and a welcoming atmosphere for consumers.


Columbus Regional Airport Authority


Airports, Train Stations, Parking Decks...

From airports to bus, train and cruise terminals, Structures Unlimited daylighting systems are ideal for improving the traveler experience. Our translucent canopies provide protection and security around entryways and waiting areas. These structural composite panels diffuse light to enhance visual acuity for people in transitional spaces and provide signature wayfinding at night when softly backlit. Skyroofs and skylights are great options to brighten larger spaces, including airport corridors, ticketing and security areas, and parking garages. By using Kalwall® panels we deliver perfect daylighting and solar heat gain control to create a comfortable atmosphere for passengers during hectic, stressful travels.

Facility managers can enjoy significant cost savings from our low-maintenance systems’ superior energy efficiency, a reduced electric load and superior impact resistance.


Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant


Manufacturing Plants, Utilities, Wastewater Treatment Facilities...

From entire structures to skylights and canopies, Structures Unlimited produces industrial daylighting solutions that incorporate Kalwall® translucent panels. Not only are our products versatile, cost efficient and rugged enough to hold up under any condition but they create comfortable, glare-free working environments. Enclosures can be installed over existing infrastructure and are a cost-effective way to house expensive equipment out of the weather in a pre-engineered, moisture-resistant building. We design to meet local code requirements, and our building scope can include all doors, windows, hardware, trim, flashing, etc. for a complete building package.

Factory-engineered, pre-fabricated and pre-finished, our structures go up fast and can be erected at any time during the year, regardless of weather. Enjoy the benefit of daylighting your project with a similar cost to other insulated building systems.


Riverstone Resort + Spa


Renovations, New Builds...

Whether you are enclosing an existing outdoor pool or building new, Structures Unlimited can create breathtaking designs that can blend seamlessly with the landscape or stand out to be the centerpiece of any home. Our broad range of design options, including operable roofs, can meet any style and create comfortable and airy spaces.

Kalwall® translucent sandwich panels offer perfect diffuse natural daylight that introduces brightness without glare on the water, which is a life safety precaution in a pool setting. Each structure is engineered for condensation control and to meet local snow and wind load conditions. The excellent shading characteristic of the panel reduces solar heat gain, while winter heat loss is significantly reduced due to customized insulation values that maximize thermal efficiency. Together, these result in lower energy consumption for the homeowner. Kalwall panels are bird strike-friendly, and virtually self-cleaning compared to glass, saving maintenance costs.


La Joya Aquatic Center


Community Pools, Competitive Natatoriums...

Aquatic spaces, which include pools and natatoriums, are highly demanding environments prone to structural, maintenance, health and safety concerns. Our proven single-source daylighting solutions are often specified for competition-level pools and even military training facilities because they perfectly control natural light with maximum thermal efficiency. We use Kalwall’s thermally broken translucent panels for the ultimate in energy performance and condensation control, offering insulation values up to R-20.  In cases where even higher insulation values are required, we can also incorporate a percentage of metal panels to further increase thermal performance.

Our corrosion-resistant structural aluminum framing is ideal for wet spaces and comes factory pre-finished allowing for rapid installation. Standard roof styles include gable, hip, shed and segmented arch. Our designs can feature motorized, operable roof systems that allow up to 40 percent of the roof to open, as well as fixed walls and sliding glass doors.

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