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Perfect Daylighting

Perfect Diffusion + Light Transmittance

Kalwall has been leading the diffuse daylighting revolution for more than 65 years with its high performance translucent building systems.

Unlike transparent glazing materials, Kalwall scatters visible light waves providing even, diffuse daylighting to interior spaces no matter the position of the sun.

Kalwall helps meets target daylight levels while transmitting lower percentages of visible light—when compared to conventional vision glazing—due to a process called lambertian diffusion.

Lambertian diffusion means that light penetrates much deeper into interiors, reducing artificial light usage during the daytime and removing the need for costly light control measures such as shades, brise soleil, etc.

Comfort + Wellness

New voluntary standards like WELL v2 have established design criteria for both photopic and melanopic lux to ensure proper light dosing within a given space.

CIE’s (International Commission on Illumination) report addresses the fact that people are not getting enough light for their health and wellness*.

Providing views to the outdoors and natural ventilation increases satisfaction.

Removing shadows, glare and high light contrast ratios reduces trip hazards and provides controlled transition spaces, meeting IES RP-28.

With museum-quality daylighting™, people experience lower levels of eye fatigue and higher levels of productivity.

*Source: CIE 158:2009 Ocular Lighting Effects on Human Physiology and Behaviour

Museum-quality Daylighting™

It means you can treat every building like a museum, and every occupant like a work of art. Explore the spaces below to find out how Kalwall’s superior daylighting can provide unparalleled benefits.

Ensure Visual Comfort
Kalwall’s Prismatic Glass Fibers
= Diffuse Light
= Usable Light

Diffuse light eliminates glare, hotspots and high contrast ratios to provide ideal visual comfort for occupants.

See Things Clearly
Kalwall delivers full-spectrum light, creating perfect color rendition, while blocking harmful UV-A and UV-B rays.

Kalwall safeguards artwork from the ravages of light and heat and allows you to see the art’s true colors and details as intended for years to come.

Increase Retail Sales.
Under proper daylighting, patrons browse longer and purchase more. It’s proven that daylighting increases retail sales up to 40%.

Kalwall’s superior thermal properties and unrivaled solar heat gain control allow for daylit spaces that people want to congregate in, as opposed to glass skylights or facades, which can create a glare-filled hotbox.

Improve Productivity + Performance
People thrive under daylight.
All building occupants benefit from improved mood, alertness, and increased productivity.

A healthier atmosphere boosts academic and workforce performance, with less absenteeism and higher staff retention.

Be Sustainable
Daylighting is the foundation of sustainable design. Treat your building as a luminaire by harvesting sunlight to achieve daylight autonomy, reducing the need for artificial light and complex and expensive control systems.

Kalwall helps you earn LEED™ and WELL points while meeting stringent energy codes and reducing your building’s carbon footprint.

Provide Beneficial Blue Light
Kalwall delivers vital blue light during the day. Blue light acts as a short-term alertness stimulant and reinforces natural circadian rhythms.

Blue light also effects metabolic and hormonal functions, ultimately helping to provide a calm, focused mindset and can improve sleep

Our modeling service offers analysis to help you understand blue light within your space.

Promote Growth
Connect your building occupants with the outdoors! The transmission of usable natural light maximizes photosynthesis, allowing you to incorporate botanical elements into any design.

Natural daylight is perfect for zoo and aviary enclosures, as well.

Deliver Healing Effects
The positive influences of daylight lead to increased vitality and enriched alertness.

This can also provide improved healthcare outcomes, with less pain and medication, fewer hospital stays and decreased patient stress level.

Daylighting plus so much more. Explore our other powerful advantages.

Take advantage of our complimentary daylight modeling services to understand how a Kalwall will impact your design.

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