Safety + Code Compliance

Safety + Security

Kalwall is completely shatterproof and impact resistant with options that are even tougher than standard faces.

Translucency offers total visual privacy from the outside, while nighttime illumination of entryways and exterior facades provides a friendly, safe environment via backlighting that emits a soft glow without light pollution.

Panels can be easily cleaned, providing vandal and graffiti resistance.

Systems also meet these codes:

  • UL 972 Burglary Resistant Glazing
  • Systems meet ‘Delayed Entry’ Standard ASTM F-1233

Blast Protection

Blast Resistant Systems meet the DOD UFC 4-010-01 Anti-Terrorism Force Protection (ATFP) criteria.

ATFP design prioritizes the safety of building occupants over all else.

Systems have been tested using several configurations.

Special detailing is required and spans may be limited.

Windborne Debris Protection

Kalwall protects occupants and interiors unlike most glass and polycarbonate, and is used in high resiliency design.

We meet or exceed the toughest criteria and standards including:

  • ASTM E1886/E1996 Large Missile Impact Resistance (up to Wind Zone 4, Missile Level D)
  • ASTM E331 Water Penetration
  • ASTM E330 Structural Performance
  • ASTM E283 Air Infiltration
  • Florida Approval Numbers – FL10280, FL13504, FL13456, & FL HVHZ

Windborne Debris Resistant Technical Summary

Systems are engineered for specific design requirements.

Fire Performance

Kalwall has been formulated to meet fire-related code requirements. General compliance information:

  • ASTM E84 / UL723 (Flame Spread & Smoke Developed)
    Interior flame spread as low as 10
    Smoke developed as low as 250
  • ASTM D635 (Burn Extent)
    CC-1 Available for both interior and exterior
  • ASTM E2707-15 Fire Penetration (Wildland Urban Interface Compliant)
  • Factory Mutual (FM) Approvals
    FM 4881 for wall systems
    FM 4471 approval for Class 1 panel roofs
  • UL 790 Listed Class A Roof System
  • Class A Burning Brand
  • 1200°F Fire Resistance
  • British Standard (BS) Testing
    BS 476-3
    BS 476-6
    BS 476-7 Class 0
    BS EN 13501-5 : 2005 Broof(t4)
  • European Standard (Bs2-d0)

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