Structural + Sustainable

Superior Spans

Kalwall is not a glazing panel but rather a composite structural sandwich panel with outstanding load capacity and structural integrity that polycarbonate systems and insulated glass units (IGU) simply cannot match.

With a high strength-to-weight ratio, Kalwall panels are both strong and lightweight. This makes the installation process easier and reduces extraneous structural support framing, saving both time and money.

As a composite system, Kalwall is more flexible than other daylighting systems and therefore has the ability to be used in high resiliency environments where other daylighting products may fail or require significantly shorter spans.

Single panel available up to 20 ft | 6+ m for wall systems.

Self-supporting roof systems available up to 24 ft | 7+ m.

Monumental daylighting applications and clearspans™ up to 100 ft | 30 m.

Lightweight Composite Materials

Stronger, lighter, more efficient, our custom-engineered composite materials transcend the properties of their more basic counterparts, such as glass and polycarbonate or other lookalike FRP systems.

We formulate a selection of translucent faces to meet a wide range of project requirements, always maintaining lightweight characteristics that are ergonomically friendly for installation.

Standard panels weigh < 2 lb/ft2 | 9.8 kg/m2.
Typical glass is about three times this weight.

A team of two can easily carry large Kalwall panels for rapid installs — can you imagine doing with same with glass?

Rapid Installation

The use of lightweight materials that are easy to handle means a reduction in manpower and substructure.

Modular, factory-assembled and unitized systems allow for rapid installation with fewer trades needed on-site. Pre-finished interior and exterior surfaces means no need to drywall or paint. Factory-finished aluminum system avoids additional finishing.

Retrofits can be completed with minimal disruption to building occupants.

Decreasing the handling and on-site storage requirements mean less space is needed and less risk of damaging materials.

Kalwall systems can be erected successfully even during cold winter months.

The adaptability to many joint systems makes installation easily applied to any type of construction.

Single-source, turnkey systems available through strategic partner Structures Unlimited, Inc.


Properly maintained Kalwall Skyroofs and Skylights can be walked on without risk of fall through.

Tested to ASTM E661, Kalwall exceeds OSHA 1910.22 without the need for additional protection like external screens or fixed railings.

Lower installation and maintenance costs.

Offer high level of entry protection.

Reduces liability for property owners.

Low Maintenance

Self-cleaning surface, meaning normal rainfall helps to keep the exterior free of sediment while at the same time retaining its original color during the weathering process.

Dirt and debris are less obvious on Kalwall than on glass.

Kalwall panels are mildew, fungus, corrosion and termite resistant. Kalwall’s durable, non-porous system resists the elements, acids, alkalis and common solvents.

If maintenance is required, staff can safely walk across man-safe roof and canopies.

Interior surfaces are easily sanitized for proper hygiene.

Kalwall Corrosion Resistant Finish (KCRF™) is formulated per AAMA 2605, and meets or exceeds performance requirements for AAMA 2604.

Life Cycle & Resiliency

Panels are manufactured to last and are weather tested for UV, high humidity and cold environments.

Kalwall Weatherable Coating (KWS) technology aids in the panel’s self-cleaning properties and provides additional resistance to UV and heat exposure for lasting performance.

In the event of extreme weather, Kalwall offer high impact resistance, better than most glass and polycarbonate. As a lightweight, flexible product, Kalwall often stands through hurricanes and earthquakes. Learn more about our windborne debris protection.

If electricity is lost in a storm, Kalwall continues to provide high-quality daylighting.

Environment Product Declarations (EPDs) for facade and skyroof (or ‘on-slope’) daylighting systems that have been certified by UL and conform the stringent type III environmental declarations set by UL Environment and the International Standards Organization.

Kalwall’s superior technology allows us to offer best-in-industry warranties.

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