Panel Technology

Structural Grid Cores

Kalwall translucent structural sandwich panels include a grid core composed of a series of interlocking I-beams that are either all aluminum or aluminum+FRP thermally broken I-beams. Standard structural grid cores include: shoji + reverse shoji. Popular optional and custom grids for facades only include: tuckerman, vertikal + ladder, plank + plank reverse, root + branch, and many others. Please inquire about additional custom grid core configurations.

The concept diagram shows the components that form the structural grid core. Although all framing elements are either standard or thermally broken I-beams, their configuration is significant. Many grid pattern compositions are possible but each has it own maximum spans and panel module length. Standard panel widths are 4′ and 5′ although custom widths up to 5′ are also possible.

Grid Patterns

Standard Aluminum I-Beam

a) 1” thick panels (KALWALL 25mm) | restrictions apply

b) 1-9/16” thick panels (KALWALL 40mm) | restrictions apply

c) 2-3/4” thick panels (KALWALL 70mm) | KALCURVE available

d) not available

Thermally Broken I-Beam

not available

not available

2-3/4” thick panels (KALWALL 70mm)

4” thick panels (KALWALL 100mm)

Consult a sales representative for more information based on your project specific requirements.

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