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Structural Clearspan Skylights

We have over 4 decades of proven performance as a single-source responsibility for energy efficient, clearspan skylights and skyroofs. While the products of other companies may be similar in appearance, the structural integrity of our skylight systems, quality of daylight, proven performance and integrity are simply beyond compare.

Pre-engineered Pool Enclosures

Swimming pool areas are highly demanding environments prone to structural, maintenance and even health and safety concerns. For over 4 decades, Structures Unlimited has provided proven solutions and peace of mind as a single source provider of custom designed natatoriums and pool enclosures.

Pre-engineered Canopy Systems

The possibilities are endless when it comes to executing imaginative canopy designs that can form a signature accent to any building. The structural integrity of Structures Unlimited canopies, awnings and walkways is ideal in any climate.

Industrial & Removable Systems

A highly insulated, energy-efficient, daylight transmitting structure custom designed for your building’s needs. Making the installation, addition and exchange of large components and equipment for a building very simple and easy.

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